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Just a couple of vlogs!

 Hello Everyone!  

It's been awhile again.  No icons from me for quite some time.  I think I just haven't had a real drive to make anything for any shows right now.  I'm starting to relike House again, so perhaps I'll do somemore of those.  I really should just make some random colourbars at some point though.  

Anyways the reason for this post is just to put a couple of links to some vlogs that I made.  I want to try and do them more regularly, so if you have any topic suggestions for me to yammer about let me know!  These two are actually topics that I covered here in LiveJournal way back when when I first started posting.  


The Informercial Years

The Gaming Years 

Oh and a video I made for my two girls!
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Been awhile....

So it has been awhile since I have posted anything in my journal.  I'm still alive and well...just been lurking around mostly I suppose.  I'm contemplating colourbars and just what show I'm going to do them for.  First off I'm holding off on House because I'm just not sure how I'm going to like the new season.  So far so good at the first episode....I'm LOVING Wilson!  The first episode was totally his really.  I mean the whole kidnapping the guitar thing was too adorable.  

I unfortunately missed the first episode of Ugly Betty.  I'm kicking myself for not double checking my PVR(Canadian equivilant of TIVO) to see whether or not it was going to record.  I'm thinking of doing some Ugly Betty bars though.   Those will be fun to do I'm sure.  So many awesome characters to use in that show.

For any people that have seen the show Blood is a Canadian production and it is rather well done so far actually I think.  What was funny though was watching the opening sequence only to see that a guy I went to highschool with is one of the main actors in it!  My hubby was wondering what the heck happened with me that I suddenly yelped and screamed at the tv screen.  lol It happens at odd the time I saw him on Dawson's Creek or The Bold and the Beautiful.  For those that don't know his name is Dylan Neal and he was the hearthrob senior of the school.  I'm sure you would agree if you saw him.  He is definately babealiscious.  heheh I love seeing him do well though...he was by far the best actor in our drama program at the time and I love that he has succeeded in the business.  One of my embarrassing moments happened with he was walking down the hall and my friend and I were right behind him.  I started to make motions referring to wanting to grab his ass when he turned around and saw me.  *snerks*  Just makes me cringe and laugh at myself when I think about it.  

Anyways, I'm going to try and be more active with icons and that soon I hope.  I'm way out of practice though and so it might be awhile before anything is produced.  Until then though!!  
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Ok...a few icons before I go to bed of perhaps one of the best shows this season of House.  I have a feeling this season is going to be amazing.  I'm putting them behind a cut because it is so soon after the show aired.  Enjoy!

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How great was tonight's episode!!  So many House/Cam moments for me to squee to...and Wilson and Cuddy in the stairwell!!  Absolute love!  I love those two together and I so hope they are hooking up.  *grins*  Anyways I made some icons to try and tide me over until I can get my hands on the new episode!  Enjoy!




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All my House MD videos

Well I had a few requests to repost my videos and so I have on YouTube.  I have posted these already to housevideos  So nothing new for visitors to that comm.  Just thought I would post them into my journal for good measure.

The Night
Song:  The Night
Artist:  Rob Dickinson
Ship:  Cameron/House

Song:  Bulletproof
Artist:  Blue Rodeo
Ship: Cameron/House - Although based more on their damaged lives than being with each other.

Fix You
Song: Fix You
Artist: Coldplay
Ship:  Cameron and Wilson

Don't Give Up
Song:  Don't Give Up
Artist:  Peter Gabriel & Kate Bush
Ship:  House/Cameron/Wilson

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Just a few...

I'm tired..a little cranky, but I fiddled with photoshop a little and these were the result.  My creativity is at a flatline level it seems.  heheh ah well.  Here ya go.



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Working out the kinks

Well the only way to get rid of all that rust on my icon making skills would be to continue making icons, so here is a second batch that I made today.  There are a few I'm not happy with, and a few that I kinda like...but I always seem to be my own worst critic.  Hope you enjoy!



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Good Golly!

I can't believe it has been since May that I posted last.  Yeesh...where has the time gone?  All I can say is that I went on a hiatus over the summer.  I didn't touch the computer at all for recreation.  I needed some time off I suppose.  Of course what would one of my posts be if I didn't offer icons?  Now please keep in mind...I haven't done a single one of these since May!!  So I hope they are ok for you all.



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